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How to get your room registered on Java Chat Rooms

Place a link to Junglespot.com on your webpage. Although we prefer our link on a webpage, yahoo and myspace profile pages are also  acceptable.

If you do not own your own website, we suggest creating a free webpage at any of the following sites (you can use a search engine to find more sites that offer you a free webpage):

angelfire, aol, geocites, or myspace

CHECKLIST - how to fill out the form:

NICKNAME: Your nickname must be registered for us to make you owner on the roomname you request.

ROOMNAME: There's only a few limitations to how you may name your room. Please make sure the roomname you choose does NOT contain: any ages, the words preteen or kids, your roomname is not named in a way that copies our server rooms (such as #Teenchat or #Cafe), and does NOT contain any symbol codes (such as ^`2665).

YOUR WEBPAGE: Give us the url to the webpage you placed a link to http://www.junglespot.com
When we receive your request this is the first thing we check for, if the link is not there, your room will not be registered.

YOUR EMAIL: give us your valid email address.

SENDING FORM: do not send more than 1 form. Doing so will not get your room registered any faster, and may result in automatic denial of your request.

~ Thank you, Junglespot Staff


-Attention Myspace Users-

If you are going to use your Myspace profile as the link and you have a private profile....you need to add http://www.myspace.com/junglespot to your friends list! If not we can't verify your link...which means no room!!!!



Banner Codes For Linking To Junglespot:


Junglespot (text link)

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